Social Media Consulting

We provide strategic consulting to businesses on social media.

We work with you to determine if Social Media Marketing can help your business. Such consulting tasks can be as short as two hours to long term consulting engagements.

Our consultants are specialists in Social Media Marketing with experience both locally and internationally in business marketing.

Social Media Consulting

On-Site Social Media Presentations and Workshops

Alternatively, we can conduct on-site workshops or presentations to your management team. These provide an excellent informative introduction to the subject and provide for great discussions amongst your management team.

Our workshops are conducted by our consulting team lead, who has conducted management workshops around the world for big and small clients and also presented at numerous business conferences in addition to guest lecturing at a number of universities.

Advanced Mobile Marketing

Advanced Mobile Marketing

Expand Your Marketing Reach by Going Mobile

This eight-week online mobile media marketing training program will empower you with essential skills including measuring and evaluating interactive marketing programs, and interpreting data for future marketing decisions and campaign performance. Curriculum created by OTR founder Roger Welch


I can’t express how surprised and pleased we were with the job “Off The Road” did in working with our management team and developing our new more

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